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Conferences and Public Meetings Organised



Date: 09-11/08/22

Venue: The University of St Andrews, Scotland

Conference: 6th NoRCEL Conference (VI): Informational Universe


Date: 12-13/04/22

Venue: Astroscience Exploration Network (ASEN), Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Conference: Inaugural Astroscience Event in Sub-Saharan Africa


Date: 19/02/2022

Venue: Online event via Zoom (due to Covid-19)

Symposium: Inspiring Latin American young scientists



Date: 29-31/04/21

Venue: Online event

Conference: NoRCEL Conference (V): Molecules to Microbes



Date: 4-6/11/18

Venue: National Technical University of Athens, Conference Hall of the Eugenides Foundation

Conference: 4th NoR HGT & LUCA Conference (IV): Molecules to Microbes



Date: 3-4/11/16

Venue: The Open University, UK

Conference: 3rd NoR HGT LUCA Conference (III): Landscape of the emergence of life


Date: 28-29/10/14

Venue: The University of Leeds

Conference: NoR HGT LUCA (II): ‘The routes of emergence of life from LUCA during the RNA and viral world’



Date: 05-06/09/13

Venue: The Open University, Milton Keynes

Conference: NoR HGT & LUCA (I): 'Horizontal gene transfer and its Part in the reorganisation of genetics during the LUCA epoch'



Date: 21-2/03/13

Venue: Dept. Of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India

Conference: International workshop on chemical evolution and Origin of life



Date: 14/04/11

Venue: Darwin College, University of Cambridge, England, UK

Workshop: ASB workshop - The Co-evolution of Life and the Planets

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