List of Journals I've Publication in...

1) COSPAR's Space Research Today

2) EC: Gastroenterology and Digestive

3) Elsevier: Academic Press - Richard Gordon and Alexei A. Sharov

4) Elsevier Journal: Chemical Physics Letters

5) Elsevier Journal: Medical Hypothese

6) IAU Journal: Organic Matter in Space

7) International Innovation: Unravelling Mysteries

8) International Journal of Astrobiology

9) MDPI's Journal: Inorganics

10) MDPI's Journal: Life

11) MDPI's Journal: Gastrointestinal Disorders

12) MDPI's Journal: Sci

13) New Scientist

14) Oriental Journal of Chemistry

15) School Science Reviews

16) Springer: Astrophysics and Space Science

17) Springer: History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences

18) Springer: Origins of Lifes and Evolution of Biospheres Journal

19) The Biologist – Society of Biology Publication

20) The RSC: Advances Journal

21) The RSC: Faraday Discussion 168 

22) The Observatory Magazine