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Member of the Society of Biology


20/09/20             Biology Virtual Branch Meeting (The year of the COVID 19)

10/09/20             Emma Jones organised meeting for the PhD students to Join RSB

13/07/19             Branch Meeting, University of Sheffield

15/05/19              AGM RSB, London

16/05/19              Joint RSC/RSB Public lecture, University of York

20/03/19              Branch Meeting, University of Sheffield

20/02/19              Branch Meeting, University of Sheffield

25/08/18              RSB Walk about Botany, Walsden Railway Station, OL14 6RS

26/06/18              Special Education Needs STEM, The Royal Society Building, London

12/10/17              RSB Annual Award Ceremony, The Hatton Gardens, Clarkenwell

11/10/17              House of Commons, RSB Member organisations

29/09/17              Learned Society & Open Access, HQ, Darwin House, London

12/10/16              Branch Meeting and Digital Health Event, University of Bradford

19/06/16              Birds of Prey, Burn Hall Hotel, York

13/05/16              The RSB AGM, Charles Darwin Ho, London

13/04/16              The evolution of Madagascar, University of York

09/04/16              RSB AGM (North), St Hild and St Bede, University of Durham

16/01/16              RSB Branch meeting, University of Bradford

26/09/15              RSB Branch meeting, University of Bradford

28/07/15              RSB Branch meeting, University of Leeds

20/05/15              The death of worts, Uinversity of York (joint lecture with the RSC)

05/03/15              Retired members lunch, Leeds

10/12/14              Member organisation meeting & Networking, Society of Biology, London

24/11/14              Strategy in practice and bringing your Board, Society of Biology, London

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