List of Frontiers of Sciences  Speakers


MARCH 2020


17. Dr Terry Kee, University of Leeds: what isn't life

16. Dr Kevin Devine, london metropolitan university: an Astronaut in Structure Space: Probing the structure, function and evolution of nucleic acids

      using synthetic organic chemistry

15. Prof Mike Garrett, University of Manchester : Establishing a SETI capability in the UK

14. Prof Elias Chatztheodoridis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece: Detecting the signatures of life: state-of-the-art instruments and



March 2019


13. Dr Klara Capova, University of Durham: “What is life? Where do we come from?” The increasing role of astrobiology in the shaping of the

      European popular worldview

12. Dr Frances Westall, CNRS, France: Volcanic rocks, hydrothermal vents and the origin of life

11. Prof Christine Foyer, University of Leeds: Antioxidants and redox and sensing mechanisms


March 2018


10. Dr Dominic Papineau, UCL: Biosignatures in the Eoarchean rock record

9.   Dr Sohan Jheeta: Astrobiology: a new kid on the block

8    Dr Sergio Ioppolo, Queen Mary University of London: Star formation process, putting emphasis on the several physical and chemical steps

7.   Prof Peter Strazewski, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon 1: Chemist's Challenges of the Future: How to Animate Dead Matter?


March 2017


6.   Prof Nick Lane, UCL: chemistry and energetics of the origin of life

5.   Prof Mark Burchell, University of Kent: panspermia hypothesis, therefore biology

4.   Prof Elias Chatztheodoridis: National Technology University of Athens: physics & geology of meteorites


March 2016


3.   Prof Dave Waltham, Royal Holloway, University of London: Why is the Sun so big?

2.   Prof Martin Mccoustra, Heriot Watt University: Stars ‘r’ Us - role played by soot and stoor

1.   Dr Mukesh Bhatt, Birkbeck College, University of London: Astrobiology and legal definition of life