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The NoRCEL2024 Conference

Wednesday, 30th, Thursday, 31st Oct and Friday, 1st Nov 


Reactive Oxygen species (ROS)


University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

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This year, the spotlight is on reactive oxygen species (ROS) and topics of related relevance. Besides the O2 molecule itself, ROS are understood to include the hydroxyl radical, oxygen radicals and ions, ozone, the oxygen molecule in the triplet state, the oxygen atom, hydrogen peroxide and other proxy species, and nitric oxide. In recent years, research on ROS across several disciplines has advanced rapidly, producing significant new results on their generation, interactions, and decay on rocky and icy planetary and other astronomical bodies, in pre-biotic chemistry and the emergence of life, and their relationships with biology including (contentiously) primitive anaerobic life. It is timely to draw these advances together as a big-picture, cross-disciplinary ‘summit’ theme, with the aim of synthesizing current knowledge, surveying related open questions, and planning future interdisciplinary researches on the complicated roles played by these energetic – and enigmatic – species in our dynamic solar system.


The conference will take place in the historic city of Canterbury at the University of Kent, UK. This is an ideal city because it is easier to get to as it is serviced by planes, trains, buses, taxis and all roads lead to canterbury. The conference will take place on the 30th and 31st October and 1st November, 2024.


The deadline for submitting abstracts is 11th October 2024 and the registration fee is set at: £300 or 375 USD.


We invite thematic related abstracts. For more information and registration via the QR code as below:

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