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List of Publications


2021 - The year of COVID 19


Smith, D., and and Jheeta, S. (2021). Microbiome–Gut Dissociation: Investigating the Origins of Obesity. Gastrointestinal Disorders, 3, 156–172.


Jheeta, S., Chatzitheodoridis, E., Devine, K.G., Block, J. (2021). The Way forward for the Origin of Life: Prions and Prion-Like Molecules First Hypothesis.

              Life, 11, 872.

2020 - The year of COVID 19

Jheeta, S. (2020). “Conflicting Models for the Origin of Life”. Editors: Helga Stan-Lotter and Joseph Seckbach

Devine, K.G., and Jheeta, S. (2020). De Novo Nucleic Acids: A Review of Synthetic Alternatives to DNA and RNA That Could Act as Bio-Information

               Storage Molecules. Life, 10, 346; doi:10.3390/life10120346

Ferus, M., Adam, V., Cassone, G et al (29 authors). (2020), Ariel -a window to the origin of life on early earth? Experimental Astronomy,


Jheeta, S., and Chatzitheodoridis, E. (2020).  “Extremophiles and horizontal gene transfer: clues to the emergence of life” (in the press). Editors:

                Helga Stan-Lotter and Joseph Seckbach.

Smith, D., and Jheeta, S. (2020). Measuring Microbiome Effectiveness: A Role for Ingestible Sensors. Gastrointestinal Disorders, 2, 3–11;


Smith, D., and Jheeta, S. (2020). The Epidemiology of the Dysfunctional Microbiome in Animals and in Humans: The Propensity for the Development of

                 Non-Communicable Disease. EC Gastroenterology and Digestive System. 7.8, 83-93.


de Farias, S.T., S. Jheeta., F. Prosdocimi. (2019). Viruses as a survival strategy in the armory of life. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences.

                41(45):11. DOI: 10.1007/s40656-019-0287-5

Iqubal, A., R. Sharma., K. Kamaluddin., S. Jheeta. (2019). Synthesis of Nucleic Acid Bases by Metal Ferrite Nanoparticles from a Single Carbon Atom

                 Precursor Molecule: Formamide. Origin of Lifes and Evolution of Biospheres.

Raj, S., S. Jheeta., R. Daniel., A. Krishna., J.  Pious, H. Oliver. (2019). “Influence of Gravitational Shielding on Time Dilation.” Sci, 1(2), 45;


Jheeta, S., Chatzitheodoridis, E. “Solid Phase Astrochemistry.” Editors: Yang, W., Jibin, K. P., Praveen, G. L., Thomas, S., and Kalarikkal, N. Emerging

                 Trends in Advanced Spectroscopy (December 2019). River Publishers (Denmark). ISBN: 9788770220828 and e-ISBN: 9788770220811.

Jheeta, S. (2019). Conference Report: "Molecules to Microbes". Sci, 1, 42; doi:10.3390/sci1020042

Jheeta, S. and Smith, D. (2019). "Seeing the wood for the trees: A new way to view the human intestinal microbiome and its connection with non-

                  communicable disease". Medical Hypotheses, 125, 70-74.


Jheeta, S. (2018): "Letter to the Editor". COSPAR's information bulletin: Space Research Today, 203: 81-83

Prosdocimi, F., Jheeta, S., Farias S. T. (2018). “Conceptual challenges for the emergence of the biological system: Cell theory and self-replication.”

                Medical Hypotheses. 119: 79-83

Prosdocimi, F., Jheeta, S., Farias S. T. (2018). Preprint: “Two dogmas for the emergence of biological systems: cell theory and self-replication”.

                doi: 10.20944/preprints201805.0445.v1


Laine, EP and Jheeta, S. (2017). Book: “Habitability of the Universe before Earth”. Chapter entitled: “Are we the first: was there life before our solar

               system?”. Publishers: Academic Press. Pages 321-341

Jheeta, S. (2017): "Astroscience Group in Africa". COSPAR's information bulletin: Space Research Today, 198: 34-35

Jheeta, S. (2017). "The landscape of the emergence of life." Life, 7: 27, 1-11; doi:10.3390/life7020027 (NoR HGT & LUCA 2016 conference report)

Iqubal, M.A., Sharma, R., Jheeta, S., Kamaluddin (2017). “Thermal Condensation of Glycine and Alanine on Metal Ferrite Surface: Primitive Peptide Bond

               Formation Scenario”. Life, 7, 15

Sharma, R., Iqubal, M.A., Jheeta, S., Kamaluddin (2017). “Adsorption and Oxidation of Aromatic Amines on Metal(II) Hexacyanocobaltate(III) Complexes:

               Implication for Oligomerization of Exotic Aromatic Compounds”. Inorganics, 5, 18



Jheeta, S. (2016). "The landscape of the emergence of life." Life 6: 20. 1-3. doi:10.3390/life6020020 [Editorial}




Ahmed, N., B. V. Babu., G. K. Pathe., S. Jheeta (2015).  “SnCl4: A highly efficient catalyst in deprotection of phenolic tetrahydropyranyl

and methoxymethyl ethers and sequel one-pot asymmetric synthesis of 3-aryl-2-hydroxy-2,3-dihydroindan-1-ones from chalcone epoxides.” RSC Advances 5: 63095

Jheeta, S. (2015). "The routes of emergence of life from LUCA during the RNA and viral world: a conspectus." Life 5:1445-1453.


Jheeta, S. (2015). “How did life begin?”. International Innovation: Unravelling Mysteries 172: 44-47.




Jheeta, S., P. C, Joshi (2014) "Prebiotic RNA synthesis by montmorillonite catalysis." Life 4:318-330.  doi:10.3390/life4030318

Jheeta, S. ( April 2014) “The irradiation of CO2 ice at 30 K with low energy ions.” Oriental Journal of Chemistry 30(2): 401-408.

Mason, J. M., B. Nair, S. Jheeta and E. Szymanska (February 2014) “Electron Induced Chemistry A New Frontier in Astrochemistry”

Royal Society of Chemistry – Faraday Discussion 168: 235-247. doi: 10.1039/C4FD00004H




Jheeta, S. (December 2013) “Highlights of the Meeting on ‘Horizontal Gene Transfer and the Last

Universal Common Ancestor’ Held at the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK” Oriental Journal of Chemistry 29(4): 1687-1693.

Jheeta, S. (December 2013) “Summary of the RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting: ‘Is a moon

necessary for the co-evolution of the biosphere of its host planet?’ held on Friday 8th March 2013.” The Observatory Magazine 133(1237): 13:31

Jheeta, S. (October 2013) Horizontal Gene Transfer and Its Part in the Reorganisation of Genetics during the LUCA Epoch. Life 3: 518

523. doi:10.3390/life3040518

Jheeta, S. (July 2013). “Final Frontiers: the hunt for life elsewhere in the Universe.” Astrophysics and Space Science 348(1):1-10. DOI


Jheeta, S. (March 2013). “A simple challenge to assist in the understanding of friction.” School ScienceReview  94(348): 13-15




Jheeta, S., A. Domaracka et al. (2012). “The irradiation of pure CH3OH and 1:1 mixture of NH3:CH3OH ices at 30 K using low energy

electrons.” Chemical Physics Letters 460(1-3): 108-111. 556: 359–364

Jheeta S., S. Ptasinska et al. (2012). “The irradiation of 1:1 mixture of ammonia:carbon dioxide ice at 30 K using 1 kev electrons.”

Chemical Physics Letters 543. 208-212

Jheeta, S. (2012). “Homoeopathy – feedback.” The Biologist – Institute of Biology Publication 59(2): 10-11

Jheeta, S. (2012). “Co-conspirators: Space, Moleculs and Life.” 39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly: 14-22 July 2012, Mysore, India.

Abstract: H0.3-9-12, p.826.




Sivaraman, B., S. Jheeta, et al. (2008). “Electron, proton and ion induced molecular synthesis and VUV spectroscopy of interstellar

molecules in the ice phase.” IAU: Organic Matter in Space. S. Kwok and S. Sandford. 251: 451-452

Sivaraman, B., S. Ptasinska, et al. (2008). "Electron irradiation of solid nitrous oxide." Chemical Physics Letters 460(1-3): 108-111

Jheeta, S., A. Lafosse, et al. (2008). "Irradiation of a homogeneous mixture of ammonia and carbon dioxide (NH3:CO2) at low

temperatures." International Journal of Astrobiology 7(1): 72

Jheeta, S. (2008). "Life defined." New Scientist.

Mellersh, A. and S. Jheeta (2008). "What is life?" International Journal of Astrobiology 7(1): 74-74




Mason, N. J.., B., Sivaraman, S., Jheeta et al., (2007). “Synthesis of Glycine and other prebiotic compounds in the interstellar medium –

an example of radiation chemistry.” European Planetary Science Congress 2007, Proceedings of a conference held 20-24 August, 2007 in Potsdam, Germany. p.779.




Jheeta, S (2006). “The young Earth - an RNA world or a Nucleic Acid world?” The Biologist – Institute of Biology Publication 53(2): 91-


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