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List of Book Chapter I've published


Jheeta, S. (2021). “Conflicting Models for the Origin of Life”. Editors: Helga Stan-Lotter and Joseph Seckbach



Jheeta, S., and Chatzitheodoridis, E. (2020).  “Extremophiles and horizontal gene transfer: clues to the emergence of life” (in the press). Editors: Helga Stan-Lotter and Joseph Seckbach.



Jheeta, S., and Chatzitheodoridis, E (2019). “Solid Phase Astrochemistry.” Editors: Yang, W., Jibin, K. P., Praveen, G. L., Thomas, S., and Kalarikkal, N. Emerging Trends in Advanced Spectroscopy”. Publisher: River Publishers, chapter 15. ISBN: 9788770220828 and e-ISBN: 9788770220811.



Laine, EP and Jheeta, S. (2017). “Are we the first: was there life before our solar system?”. Editors: Alexei A. Sharov & Richard Gordon. Habitability of the Universe before Earth. Publishers: Academic Press, USA. Pages 321-341

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